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Chat with Joshua Ollas of Outerspace Designs in Miami

Plant people tend to be interesting…and tired. Here’s the 2nd conversation in what’s shaping up to be a series with the very promising and talented first draft pick Joshua Ollas of Outerspace Designs in Miami. We discuss incorporating other disciplines into landscape design and try to figure out why it all ways turns out to be true that the bigger your vision the more dues you seem to have to pay.

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Artist Matt diLeo’s Tree Collection Tour & Conversation 

Having built and cared for an impressive collection of prized trees (in pots no less) in his home garden in the Pacific Northwest, where something is always growing, he alternates his time between tending to his garden and making art.  A friend and close confidant, he’s been alongside for all things Moody related since the beginning.

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Intro to Ornamentals

When shopping please look into native species in your area and do some research before choosing any non-native or invasive species! Perfect examples of beneficial native NYC ecosystems can be found in pollinator gardens. Check out Calvert Vaux Park, South Oxford and Mccarren Parks.

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