About Us

Moody Flowers supports the American Grown flowers movement. The majority of our products are grown close to home and with as few chemicals as possible. So you can know exactly what you are bringing to the table.

Letter from the florist
Wanting a change of pace from a career in exhibiting & selling Contemporary Art, I followed the call to start my floral journey in sales & marketing at two different local flower shops in South Brooklyn. While there I started to notice both the amount of plastic waste processed during normal business as well as the monotonous designs being offered at many flower shops.
My interest in finding alternative solutions was peaked so I began following along with the growth of the industry more broadly. I did not yet know the kind of work I wanted to design but I knew what I liked and I couldn’t find it anywhere in my neighborhood or nearby. I also began leaning toward a more environmentally friendly approach to floristry which is now gaining traction but at the time really was sort of like a subculture.
Last year, a handful of weeks before Valentine’s Day, I ordered my first shipment of chemical free, indoor grown specialty tulips from upstate New York. I found packaging which was also free of chemicals and made every effort to keep the whole presentation compostable and completely made in the US. I decided on a fitting brand name Moody Flowers, had a simple logo made, and got a 718 phone number as an ode to the Brooklyn I grew up with.
Now that it’s a year later, the fact that I am still serving the same customers from Moody’s very first sales is a great source of pride. This year will see our growing team get into promoting native plants and natural landscape restoration in addition to continuing to promote American Grown flowers and American made gifts.
Nice to meet you 💐Stay tuned and stay in touch.